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22126 open on port checker, but not in server.exe



hey i have a problem... i checked all ports with a port checker and it said ALL ports were open, and then closed it and tried to open all ports in mta. when the black box opened i typed openports and it said 22126 closed: players cant browse! the other 2 ports are open... how can i fix this?

basically... 22126 is open, but server.exe doesnt connect to it or something

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If I want to allow something through Windows Firewall the easiest way seems to be to open the Start Menu and type 'Allow a program through Windows Firewall'. Then press 'Change settings', and 'Allow another program...'. Then navigate to the "MTA Server.exe" file and then check both of the boxes. Finally, press 'OK'. Now if you launch the server Windows Firewall should allow it.

That's assuming you're using Windows 7. Use Google to figure it out for other operating systems.

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