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CEF local html and images

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I am unable to put any images in my local html via the browser.

If i load the image directly ( via loadBrowserURL(browser,"image.gif") ) it works correctly, but if i load a html page containing an image, it does not show.


<body > 
<img src="dancething.gif"> 

If i load this, it does show the text, but not the images.

This is in my meta:

    <info  description="test" type="misc" version="1.0" /> 
    <file src="dancething.gif"/> 
    <script src="test_c.lua" type="client" /> 
    <file src="html.html" /> 

This is what shows ingame:


So my question is, is anyone able to show images in their local html ?

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I solved this by loading the image in html with mtalocal://

<img src="mtalocal://dancething.gif"> 

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