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Turkish Sub-forums require clean-up (Topic links included)

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Hey there, since there is no moderator on Turkish Subforums I decided to make a list of annoying/spammy/unnecessary topics.

Here, you will find link to these topics and reasons why I thought they were to be deleted.

Let's begin,

viewtopic.php?f=118&t=88338 >'Stolen' scripts, no quality topic. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=79242 >Same reason as above, this one also claims that these scripts were 200Turkish Liras(75$) worth. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=88959 >Unnecessary help request about getting his ban lifted. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=83431 >Advertising another MTA forum. Website link does not even work. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=74947 >Same guy, older post. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=82902 >Got banned aswell, posted in wrong section. no quality topic. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=86850 >Banned player posting his own server 'introduction'. no quality topic. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=82058 >Same guy as above, with another server this time. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=78931 >'Selling himself' as a hired scripter. No quality topic, most probably a scam post according to his posts count. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=54603 >Server is no more, 'stolen' scripts, no quality topic with lots of flaming at comments section. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=75697 >Answered topic. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=72315 >Answered topic. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=76719 >Some arab guy posted on Turkish Sub-forums using Google Translate, requesting for 'firefighter' script. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=74947 >No quality topic, asking for Lua help without providing most crucial function names. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=73515 >Server is no more, no quality topic. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=56736 >Same reason as above. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=71539 >Same reason as above. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=70102 >Great topic but server is no more, therefore just taking space. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=69667 >Server is no more, no quality server & topic. (Also consider deleting the user.) 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=68215 >Same reason as above. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=65194 >Server is no more, low quality topic aswell. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=64972 >Self-explanatory.... 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=55503 >Server is no more. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=63334 >Advertisement of another website, website is no more aswell. No quality topic. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=55470 >Selling virtual servers, yet they don't have a valid registration number. Also, website is no more. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=55090 >Abandoned project, no quality topic. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=53216 >Abandoned project, server is no more. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=34202 >Same as above. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=40923 >Uh, just get rid of it. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=34202 >Abandoned, server is no more. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=30776 ] 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=32516 ] > Sub-forum Moderator requests. Should be deleted. 
viewtopic.php?f=118&t=33503 ] 

aaaaand, that's all for now.

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