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need help


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Isn't that only a map?

I am doubting that too. I didn't check it, but let's see.

By chance, it's just a map then you can make what you want using the following functions.

onClientVehicleCollision -- To check if a vehicle collides with a ball. 
getElementType -- Too check if the collided element is a ball 
getElementVelosity -- To get the velocity of vehicle and change the velocity of ball according to it 
setElementVelocity -- Too change the velocity of the ball and maybe vehicle if you want. 

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You can't, you need a full scripted gamemode for that. The resource Perfect gave to you just replaces three objects of MTA with some edited models (that's made for ffsgaming, as it just released a carball arena), that doesn't have to do with what you're looking for. As for the ball, you have to edit an object's model (as there are some balls already but some small ones that doesn't help you at all) then just math

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