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Server ip:

Forum URL: http://uzas.lt/mta/forum/

Hello Guys

My name is Malek and i'm here to Advert My Server So.. Let's Start..

Fight Until The End is an DayZ server which is other then all other DayZ servers on MTA because this server has mods for almost everything also own made scripts. There are mods for Cars, Heli's, Bikes, Weapons, Weapon sounds, Skins. The staff is always active and will always be there to help you as fast as possible and the best way possible. The server has a great community and friendly players and the server allows you to talk in /global chat or use u to talk to all the players that are currently playing. You can ask help from admins at O chat and report players/hackers in /report.

[Www.MTA.UZAS.LT]: Currently there are:

(*) 15 LS 15 SF 15 POI Player spawn'ų.

(*) 362 spawn'ų Vehicles (51 Vehicles models).

(*) 617 Industrial loot'ų spawn'ų.

(*) 1679 Residential loot'ų spawn'ų

(*) 171 Farm loot'ų spawn'ų.

(*) 183 Supermarket loot'ų spawn'ų.

(*) 124 Military loot'ų spawn'ų.

(*) 5 LS, SF 5, 5 LV Tankcrashes loot'ų spawn'ų.

(*) 5 LS, SF 5, 5 LV Helicrashes loot'ų spawn'ų.

(*) 5 LS, SF 5, 5 LV Hydracrashes loot'ų spawn'ų.

(*) 5 LS, SF 5, 5 LV Huntercrashes loot'ų spawn'ų.

(*) 2 LS 3 SF 3 POI Food Supplies Boxes loot'ų spawn'ų.

(*) 17 LS 17 SF 20 POI Medical Supplies Boxes loot'ų spawn'ų.

(*) And Civilian Army loot'ų types Vehicles spawn'ų.

Thanks for reading,hope to join my server... :) ,please advertise for us.



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