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[Solved]MTA 1.5 CEFLauncher.exe - Entry Point Not Found



Alright, so.

I did not have any problems prior to the 1.5 update. Once I installed it, the problems started. At first I had an error that my libcef.dll was missing and so the program couldn't run. It did run, but it would freeze up my computer when logging into certain servers. So I troubleshooted that and eventually got it into my system folders. After I did that, this became the issue: 9B0ioWt.png

So I figure it's not the problem of my system files being corrupted or whatever, but it's on the MTA installation. As a note, the MTAdiag program does not recognize that 1.5 is installed, but maybe that's normal because this version if brand new as of now.

Here's my Pastebin of Dxdiag: http://pastebin.com/2KDcZiZS

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I fixed it via remote administration by copying all CEF DLLs to the CEF folder (MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\CEF). The DLL search path was somehow wrong, but no idea why (PATH variables looked okay, other applications seem to work flawlessly).

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