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[HELP] Saving markers


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I've made an in-game marker adder but when I restart the source, all the markers are gone which I made. If someone could help me out?

policee = {} 
function policeMarker(thePlayer, commandName) 
    accountname = getAccountName (getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)) 
    if isObjectInACLGroup ( "user." .. accountname, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) then 
    local x, y, z = getElementPosition(thePlayer) 
    police = createMarker(x+2, y, z-1, "cylinder", 1.5, 0, 0, 255) 
    if (police) then 
    table.insert(policee, markerPolice) 
    outputChatBox("Marker for the team 'Police' has been created!", thePlayer, 0, 255, 0) 
    outputChatBox("Creating marker failed.", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0) 
addCommandHandler("cmp", policeMarker) 

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Can you explain me this XML thing? I want to save it on that. I don't have any experience with XML. And can you help me a little bit on that part when I've accidentally placed a marker and I enter that marker and I do /deletemarker so I deletes the marker and removes it from the XML file?

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