[HELP]How to shift from 1.4 to 1.5?

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Hello people, I wanted to get knowledge on one thing that was bothering me. How can I shift from 1.4 Linux(Ubuntu) server to MTA 1.5(Ubuntu) server?

I've got many resources working on 1.4, so how can I shift? I mean... install 1.5 and move internal/registry.db with resources there?

Please help me.

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1) Backup your old installation

2) Get 1.5 from here:

3) Copy the new binary files over the old ones

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Thank you for your reply! One more thing, are there any new files in 1.5 that I should not over-right or touch?

What all can I transfer? DB files(registry.db and internal.db), resources, acl and config?

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You should copy all the files except *.so if you want everything to remain the same.

Thanks for report about the wiki.

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