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Hi ,

Sometimes on my server occur "NETWORK TROUBLE" in all players

, and any player can't move and chat , after 10 - 60 seconds , the message gone.

after message gone , Players Don't get timeout errors , or get high ping and packet loss

the game begun properly

I think the Issue from "7305" Server Version

I think too the issue maybe occur sometimes if these codes enabled :

setServerConfigSetting( "bad_net_bullet_fix", 1 ) 
setServerConfigSetting( "enable_diagnostic", "1010" ) 

These codes Enabled in my server

i think the issue from it.

in "7166" Server Version the issue never be happened

Please Solve Issue !

Server Hosting : OVH

Server IP : mtasa://

Server Version (sver) : MTA:SA Server v1.4.1-release-7305

Server minclientversion : 1.4.1-9.07312.0

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If every player gets "NETWORK TROUBLE" then it means the server is freezing somewhere. Use performance browser when the problem occurs to find out which resource is responsible.

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How to use "Performance browser" ?

I think the problem from New Server Version "7305"

Not from resources , resources are same in server old version "7166"

* In server old version "7166" problem never be happened.

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Problem Didn't Solved

I use Performace Browser , When Problem Occur , Some Resource Like Admin , asuc Cpu usage up to 100%


I didn't edit admin panel

I have Original Admin Panel

in Previous Server Version "7166" the problem never occur

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Did you go back to 7166 ?

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Yes , but problem not solved , and i upgrade my server to 1.5 , Problem Didn't Solved Too

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I think the VPS does not have enough guaranteed power. The problem with cheap VPS's is that you are sharing a PC with 100+ other people. If too many of the VPS's use high CPU, everyone gets a slow down.

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But the suprise Here , VPS CPU Usage when problem occur , it is normal and work properly (6% Usage)

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How are you measuring CPU Usage?

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