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What can be with game world when kids wanna play gangs...


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a lot, but really nothing

lol I like it how you lose control over nothing. "It´s just a game" :lol:

I am not getting paid to compensate for your handicap, if you don´t understand it´s tough luck.

Bishop its quite hypocritical of u that, 'It's just a game' yeh i know that, DO YOU?

It's a shame you take this all very personal, as for losing control.... where? it seems you are slightly deluded Bishop, maybe time for a break from the PC and into the real world?

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One guy is talking like a bot (is there an echo in here ?)

Are you talking about yourself?

Sounds to me like you know each and everyone of them.

Regardless, whether people know what they are doing or not, nothing will change til the oppertunity of exploiting or glitching is removed.

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rofl how orginal, did you come up with that yourself ?

I will tell you, it´s funny. With most things in life we laugh because they are true and we laugh because they are funny.

Meanwhile, 2 things didn´t change from your 1st post.

1) you have no idea what I am talking about

2) you try to insult me

In conclusion, you hate me for your stupidity.

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We don't need to try an insult you Bishop you make yourself look like an arse as it is.

I dont hate you, i don't know you, i don't pretend to know you. I merely dislike your attitude.

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1) you have no idea what I am talking about

2) you try to insult me

In conclusion, you hate me for your stupidity.

1)Yes,we have no idea,nor care.

2)Prick,Twat,Muppet,etc...They all work.

In conclusion,we hate you for your air of superiority which you insist on ramming down our throats.

The only stupid person around here is yourself for thinking that we give a shit.

We dont get along,lets ignore eachother,it started on topic and degenerated into the usual Bishop/VCES banter.

Bishop, to me, all the degrees/education in the world doesn't improve your personality.

Quit using your vast vocabulary to impress,it doesn't.

And STFU,go make a picture......

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In his own words, he had no idea what I was talking about*.

Yet he flammed me for it*. That´s what I call stupidity.


Just read your posts now (lol).

I have a vast vocabulary ? Well I am really sorry if you think so, sorry if you find it annoying. Want me to mis-spell some more words and make you feel better ?

Yes, to be sincere I am trying to impress you. You got me. I can not think of any higher honor than to finally impress the vces after all this time of trying. Of all the people in MTA, vces has my deepest respect for their honesty, maturity and playerskill. Rofl are you sniffing glue again ?

I never claimed that I was smart ,. I am - aswell as himself - just saying he is clueless.

If you dont want a bitchfight, maybe you should ask your pet to remove itself from my leg eh ?

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Bishop,sit back and read between the lines.

You are reading things to literally,take your time,surely your intelligence should of noticed the hidden meaning. :?

We have all heard of your VCES threads in the ULK forums.

We are all aware of how much depth and time you put into planning to fight us.

Is ULK afraid?

Or are you obsessed?

Most of us are humbled with the interest you pay towards our internal affairs.

We are even in awe of your VCES photoshop work.

The sad thing is.........it's only you who gives a shit,as usual.

Bishop,we love you :wink:

Keep up the sad work :P

PS,if you want a bitch fight,anytime,you have our forum address.

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Yes, your chopper fetisch is very scary. One of these days you might hit one of our guys when you set off to kill yourselves.

I have claimed that you are untrustworthy and dishonorable for a long while. However, even for you, stealing private information is a new low.

That makes you not only a liar but also a thief.

Congratulations, you just proved each and every single point I ever made about you.

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RonSeal, I don't care about the argument between Bishop and VCES that has been going on here over the past few days...

But if you're implying that you've been stealing private information from our forums, then you have just completely lost my trust.

And to think, I did have a lot of respect for you... :roll:

Tell me who the lamer in ULK is so that I can kick him out.

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The sad thing is.........it's only you who gives a shit,as usual.

yeah? and thats why you steal from our private forums?

fuck off, you guys are lamers and hypocrites, pretending not to care while going to such lengths just to see what bishop has to say about you. :roll:

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Your presuming something here,to which i havent stated.

Sure i heard about some of what Bishop rants about in the ULK private forum.

I had a chat a few weeks back with an ULK member.

The discussion was along the lines of "Why does Bishop dislike you guys so much".

It was discussed,and during the conversation i was told about the pic bishop made,and how all the ULK plans are about attacking VCES and no other clan.(Plans all made by Bishop).

And i found it funny,that's why i digged Bishop about it in here.

You can believe what you want,but your going on the presumption of Bishop,who is obviously an internet wierdo.

Now,all this confirms is that Bishop is devoted to anything VCES,he has a personal grudge,and he's wierd.

We have had nothing but trouble from Bishop since we formed,he really does have something about us. :roll:

So to clarify,one of your members,who may not always agree with Bishop,dare i say,dislike him,told me about how he devotes so much of the ULK forum to matters VCES.

I find it funny.

Bishop you must get out more.

Zircon,dont be so precious,you have no Lamer in ULK (apart from Bishop).

You cant gag members from speaking about Bishops obsession.

Head we stole nothing.

I havent actually seen this pic,but as i now know of it,dont be afraid,post it in public ;)

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liek omg reading the ulk private forums would make for hours or good ol entertainment. care to let me take a peek at these 'important' forums?

now, let's not go back to this whole ulk/kfc forum stealing and posting business. we all remember the hours we spent reading kfc's private zipped forum.

pretty silly how serious some people take this game. oh by the way, bishop, i miss your guidance. blind me.

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