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What can be with game world when kids wanna play gangs...


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HERE you can find short forums' conversation with nice conclusion. I'm not looking forward for comments and such things. It is just for information, because some ppl even here can't understand, how is MTA world IN REAL, not just here - on MTA Forums.

And I will be very glad if DEVs FINALLY will do something with Gangland in MTA, because it is ruined slowly and day by day it is falling down. And you CAN'T DISAGREE with that if you can't find STRONG ARGUMENTS. But I saw such arguments in some users' mouths here and they wasn't very convinced. I can even say that they are easy and without any conclusions - any way - without reflections from posters' sides.

P.S. I will NOT react on any insistent, stupid and childish comments like this way "wtf r u f***ing about?" or "u r saying sh!t not truth!" etc. I KNOW I AM saying truth and ppl who glitch when they are close to loose the match (aye TLRs and UVAs brothers :P) ARE NOT welcome in this topic. Only experienced players (min. 6 months of playing are MOSTLY welcome!!) and DEVs are welcome here...

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I don´t understand the topic.

You can't understant, because you can't read with understanding... that's it.

And I'm not looking for anything. Just want to take your notice on what is going on around on servers, in clans etc. We can't see it on Forums, and this topic is ignored there...

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its obvious what hes talking about, tho its not clear due to his thoughts being all over the place you have to read it twice for most people.

we know that this is happening, but oli is right, a forum topic isnt gonna change it. things will continue to be labled as lame and players will continue to get tired of the same ol same ol.

i have been for some time now.

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I don't quite grasp what he's going after here...

Is he wondering why people glitch or is he complaining about people who glitch?

Is he claiming that glitching is destroying the game? If so, I'd have to agree.. If that's not what he's saying then I'm at a bit of a loss.

I still don't understand the mentality behind intentionally abusing glitches. Do people just like to cheat so badly that they'll do anything to win?

I never glitch intentionally (And yes, there is a difference between intentional glitching and accidental) and I seem to do pretty well. I might die more often, but that only motivates me to do more killing =) Normally the only glitch that comes from me is the "shoot from the boot" thing. Though on instinct of jumping out of the way of someone shooting me I might have thrown a grenade I didn't see =) Anyay, not to go into too much detail, but to summarize: You don't have to glitch to do good in MTA.

I have noticed that quite often, the only people who manage to beat me repeatedly on a server are the glitchers. Heavy laggers take a strong second place, though normally I can eventually find their lead and get my licks in. Those who don't glitch often end up dead at my feet. That has to say something for not glitching. Or does it say something pro-glitchish (Is that a word?)? I'm certainly not the best, but I've been around a while and can usually hold my own fairly well.

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I have noticed that quite often, the only people who manage to beat me repeatedly on a server are the glitchers. Heavy laggers take a strong second place, though normally I can eventually find their lead and get my licks in.
Really? D=
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thx a lot for warm acceptance. at all, I don't think a post on forums can change the world, but it can focus more attention on such things.

MTA is dying slowly. Hope Blue will help. I know in some ways it will - only look at the Gangland side of MTA which is partialy in DEVs' hands...

Big HOOAH for all...

I'm not for some time now :/

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well its easy to c why people glitch cuz they can kill u more easyer cuz everyone likes to win.

Me MTA isent what is used to b like, i liked it when there were only cheaters to worry about and when no one really knew glitchs or bugs that to me was when the game was fun.

now when u join a server u the only thing that happens is stubby wars in one little spot and that 2 ruins the game cuz the whole city is left empty. To stop this game being so same old same old MTA need to spread the robber spawns out all over map so u spawn in 3 different places all over the city that why no more stubby wars just good old fasion hunt and kill.

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the glitches arent whats killing this game

its the stupidity of the players

the stubby is the most powerful gun in mta, why? simply because any tactic that can beat a stubby is quckly labeled lame and some/most servers even kick you for it.

stand on a roof with a m60 and snipe the stubby users = lame

use a helicopter = lame

use a car against them = lame

use a flamethrower so they cant get close = lame

the list goes on

the stubby will always be the most powerful gun in mta, and the days will all go by the same on the servers with the "good players."

spawn, find a stubby, kill, repeat.

so exciting, yawn

hell, i even got called lame for doing a pistol only kill once in a stubby war

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Yeah but car killing is lame when its the ONLY thing people in a server do.

Its not particularly hard to dodge i know, but if its the only thing you're gonna do ingame...

Anyone notice the majority of new players getting killed by robbers tend to exclaim "stubby noob", its really funny/annoying at times.

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tbh i think the way to play this game is just NOT to complain...

if you look to all the big problems and massive debates..it all comes down to 1 person complaining abt this, another moaning abt that...

just play the game and dont rely on the chat function and/or posting on the frums as the main bit of entertainment....

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  • MTA Team

I think in everyones mind, the stubby is getting boring. If its not, then you haven't been around nearly long enough. I really hope that it is changed somehow so that it is as scarce as much as the spaz was perhaps. The game is so much more entertaining when its just all the other spawns warring. When a stubby gets there its just a bunch of people running around hiding under lag or jumping, getting knocked down, getting up only to be shot in the back, and finally respawning which is a very boring waiting time. Takes all the action out of the game.

These days I am barely involved in any kind of MTA competition due to clans cheating, lagging, glitching or some other means and then denying it. Of course theres nothing you can say beyond that point but argue until someone gets sick enough of the arguement to leave and nothing changes.

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yea maybe everyone is bored of stubby...

...yet everyone still seems to spawn robber...makes no sence.

thing is, probably the main reason that this is becomeing less and less popular is due to how many so called "experts" there are these days.

tbh i can understand why new players call out "cheat" and get pissed off and leave all the time, cos all the "good" players just exploit all the bugs they know just to beat a noob...which is sad. give em a chance to get to know the game....help em, dont kick em just cos they do 1 thing to piss you off. chances are your doing bout 50 things to piss them off, even if it is just killing them at phils or the airport.

amount of newbies ive had a good laugh with without having to kill them before they get a chance to have a look round the world of mta is countless, most of them have go on and become good players.

just play the game on how you enjoy it, and im sure it cant be "pick up stubby, find noob, kill easily, repeat 100 times"

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I never partake in Stubby wars,as a result i have an extensive knowledge of everywhere apart from Phils Place...

The best way to break up a stubby war is to sit up somewhere else and insult all Stubby users.

I find they normally leave in their droves to find me and kill me :lol:

Anyway,Cop Shotty rules compared to the stubby.......

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aiming ahead of someone is a glitch too... everything in this game takes some knowhow... this focus on "exploits" is silly...

Loendal never glitches... umm yeah ok.. I am sure he stands there for a half an hour after every shot with a stubby. No, he jumps because of his natrual inclination to avoid harm... If you skip an amination because you wanted to jump it is better than skipping the same animation because you didn't want to stand? that's not logical or very honest.

My favorite part of this thread is the "When blue comes out this will all change"

Reminds me of

"When 0.2 comes out this will all change"

"When 0.2.2 comes out this will all change"

"When 0.3 comes out this will all change"


"When 0.4 comes out this will all change"

too funny...

I think that too many of the people who still play have slow computers and can't play other games. They can stand still and take major abuse before killing you. I guess Im supposed to just die and die because it's not thier intention to be invinceable... Sorry, I'll kill by any means nessasary thanks...


car, heli, bike, stubby.. whatever... if it kills it's not lame

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