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help with .2 or whatever its called(version 2)

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i would just like to know what specs i should have to play this game bc my pc sucks and i have only dial up. i tried version 2 and ran it and it said that "program too big for system memory" btw for people who can play it online, does it lag a lot and what can u do?

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wait until 0.3 comes (it's almost there :D ) it has an improved netcode and there will be less lag :wink:

for the specs: I think that like GTA3 and the connection I don't know if with a 56K will be ok

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Well 56k on 0.2 would be so laggy it wouldn't be worth it. Your best bet is to wait until 0.3b comes out with it's nifty new netcode.

But if you did set up a LAN and play with someone on LAN then you probably want at least 128 mb of ram, and 1.0 ghz of processor speed, and maybe 32 mb of video ram, it will still be laggy but that will get the job done. :)

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i have all of that except for a 64 meg card......i have a intel integrated one and its only 32 mb....... btw will programs like highfps and 3danalyze work?

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just to let u guys know i have a intel mobo. it sucks and i probably dont think that i have a agp slot on it. how do i check for one without opening up my case? stupid compaq piece of crap case.....

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well said.

I only mentioned a gf2 cause its compatible with all my older games i run (im an oldgames nut btw =).

Get a decent card, or decent anything for that matter, as you usually get what you pay for (pay sh*t all, get sh*t all)

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correct me if im wrong, but i had a GeForce 2 64mb and it wouldnt run GTA3 smooth on 800x600! so if u want a graphics card, splash out and get a GeForce 4 Ti-4200 128Mb at least. plus that should last you till Doom III...

Yes, it's a big scandal! A three-year-old car not able to run today's games well! Those bastards! :roll:

edit: also

if not, look at the back of your case, and if there are many panels they could be agp slots, but there is no sure way of finding out. just open up your case and don't be scared of ruinging your computer!!! theyre quite hard to damage unless you're completely dumb! (no offence to people who hav damaged their computer in the past... )

not to be an asshole, but... it's pretty damned easy to damage a comp. at least wear an esd strap, otherwise, static can kill your hardware.

no offense, though. ^_^

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