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MySQL on Linux

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Hello there,

I've installed a MTA Server x64 server recently and MySQL doesn't work. I saw on forum that x64 servers request a other version of libmysqlclient so i tried to install but i got problems which i can't solve alone.

Everytime when i try to replace the old libmysqlclient with the other one it says i don't have the permission to do this.

Error in Filezila: 
Pogreška:  /usr/lib/ open for write: permission denied 
Pogreška:  File transfer failed 
Error in PuTTy : 
$ chmod 777 
chmod: changing permissions of `': Operation not permitted 
$ wget [url=][/url] 
--2015-06-17 22:24:40-- 
Resolving ( 2a01:4f8:a1:221::11, 
Connecting to (|2a01:4f8:a1:221::11|:80... connected. 
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK 
Length: 2209664 (2.1M) [application/octet-stream] Permission denied 

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