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[REL] Mystery Bag, Hijack Vehicle


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So i got bored and decided to create the simple Mystery bag script, the way this works is that the bag will spawn around San Andreas (I only made 4 locations in the table for testing purposes, you can always add more locations if you want to (Just press F8, write getpos and press Enter, copy and paste it into the table)) Get it, and you'll get the following rewards;

-Random Amount of Health;

-Random Amount of Armour;

-A Random Gun, and a random amount of ammo for that gun;

-A Random wad of cash.

NOTE: You are allowed to edit this script to your liking, but please, keep the credits, Thank You.

Upcoming Projects;

-Hijack Vehicle thingy; (Status: Done)

-Briefcase thingy. (Status: Not Yet Done)

P.S: I know i was really inactive since my last uploaded resource, but i'll try to keep you updated, cheers!

Link: https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... s&id=11612


Hijack Vehicle;

As promised in my last resource's description https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... p;id=11612 a "project" was promised which is the "Hijack Vehicle", the way THIS works is that a random vehicle will spawn around San Andreas (20 locations are given in the table), when you enter the vehicle a delivery point will be placed on your map as a little truck (10 delivery locations), you will get rewarded the following;

-Just $50,000 ;D although you can add some more rewards to this, it's your choice since you're free to edit this

NOTE: You are allowed to edit this script to your liking, but please keep the credits, Thank You!

Link: https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... s&id=11616

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