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Sort of stupid suggestion


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But can the team make AI cops, just cops nothing else, it'd be fun to fight someone and then the cops come to break it up, will it be possible if they just attack whoever is closest to them? I thought this would be pretty cool, If its impossible please explain.

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Plus its pretty much not possible. Since the server does not load the game or anything, how can it know how to control the cop? The server doesn't know where buildings and lightpoles and roads are. Even if it did load the game..

I guess if it actually DID load (not suggesting it), with some scm functions you could make a cop car chase people.. and you could just send its coordinates/everything else to the clients connected and theres a synced AI cop.

but do you know how bad having the server load game would suck. that would mean if you ran a server - you couldnt play on it. wich sucks.

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Search the forums and your answer will be found. It would cause too much of a stress on the engine and would cause a big strain on netcode. And they've said they will not add peds/ai into mta.

even if there are only a few AI? or just one?

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it is conceivable to put an ai player in the game, but he would put just as much data (if not more) than a regular player. someone did design a bot for mta once, but abandoned the project. of course, theres no way it would be as versatile as a real ai cop from single player.

if you want cops so bad,a good mod for mta blue would be to give the cop class the ability to arrest others if they are in a certain radius and moving below a certain speed. reward the cop for the arrest, and teleport the victim to the cop station.

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i am not that interested in cops.. or any regular AI for that matter (since it would be boring with only a few), but in game modes where you may have, for example, a huge Pac-Man (or Godzilla, or something of that nature), walking down the street, destroying everything in its path.

AI isnt something that is high on my list of most wanted features though, i just think it could create some awesome gamemodes.

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a huge Pac-Man (or Godzilla, or something of that nature)

You just want me to post those screens again dont you!

wish this was possible i loved it in GTA2 :D me and my bro got cornerd by his and my cops -_-

yeah post the screens i've not seen them :P

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