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Some Area Have Proplem

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hey, MTA Admins

Please I need help in my server i have a problem

there's Area in LV Have a big problem

it's when any one across From this Area All Players in the server get Lag And FPS Go bettwen 3-9

And When He Leave this Area The FPS get Fix And Go up again to the Max FPS in the server

And I stopped All the Scripts And All the Maps For This Area And Tested it And Still the Same Proplem

And This Make A big problem in the server And This Screen Shots For The Diffrent when be in the Area And out the area

in the area :-

out the area :-

my server IP :- mtasa://

And have Another proplem When Any One Search About the server in the internet he can't See it

I hope to find a solve for this problems

Thanks For Read my Topic

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