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Like CiBeR said, we are still for developers for the team. I'm lifting the age restriction, should hopefully enable others to send their application. Remember, just send me a private message and fill out the form provided in the original post.

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MTA DayZ 0.9.8a is now available for download! Check this link to download the gamemode: https://github.com/ciber96/mtadayz/releases NEW REPOSITORY: https://github.com/ciber96/mtadayz Hello,

Lawliet, I would suggest talking to the guys of Viscera DayZ, the screenshots you showed a few screens back are like almost completely the same as theirs.

Yep, that's because I was the sole developer of VisceraDayZ.

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Only 4 days left until release of version 0.8.0! The download package is ready to go and will be available once the 20th of June hits. We are still struggling to come up with a proper webhost, and we'll figure something out, don't worry.

In other news, I'm happy to announce that we have another developer on our side: JBoy!

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We have set up a forum now! Unfortunantly, due to financial constraints, we had to make do with a free host, but this is only for now.

Visit the forum, register, and wait for the magic of the release of MTA DayZ 0.8.0a to happen! Remember, it will be on the 20th of June, which is in 2 days.


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Yep, it's available for download. Check this link: http://mtadayz.heliohost.org/forum/index.php?topic=5

What this mean: Please type in the first letters of this sentence.:?

This is the 2nd question from register page and I don't understaind.


Ah, basically, you just look at the first letter of every word and enter them. An example would be this:

The quick fox jumps over the lazy dog -> TQFJOTLD.

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Thanks, I got it.

Also why don't you use my backup system for saving cars and tents ? It's way beter then the integrated one.

We already have evaluated the use of SQL, It's on way.

Remember everything will be closed source until 1.0.0b, then we will make it open source.

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website DIED :|

It's back up again. Seems like it's sometimes losing connection to the database. If that happens, just wait 5 minutes, then reload.

In other news: We will also soon offer the chance to become an "Official Server". Official server will, apart from other neat perks, receive updates 24 hours before they are released. More info can be found at the forum: mtadayz.heliohost.org

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Please note that the 0.8.0 version has a few bugs due to the new inventory system and some other features we've just released. If you find bugs, please report them to our forum.

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Version is out!. The following additions and bugs have been made/fixed:


  • Option to enable/disable automatic start of addons (check editor_server.lua)


  • Binds active when editing text in group system (for real this time)
  • Not being able to modify rank of a member of your group
  • Not being able to warn a member of your group
  • Packet loss spam

You can find the download here: http://mtadayz.heliohost.org/forum/inde ... iew;down=3

Follow the README in the archive and you'll be good to go. Remember to restart your server after you have replaced the files!

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validation on register is messed up

I changed that one question to something much easier. As for the visual anti-spam validation, I can't change that to something easier too, because it would promote registration of spambots.

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Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later.

fix your forums

We are using a free webhost for the moment. Soon we will have a stable webserver and domain with SSL Encryption.

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