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Gangwar server echo is now up


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I am now running [FMJ]-Oli's admin script on the Gang Warfare server ( It is echo'ed on irc://irc.multitheftauto.com/gangecho

As before, all gangs are welcome to use this 26 player server for official or unofficial matches.

The initial nickserv file was copied from the partyserver vc nickserv so if you had an account there you already have an account on the gangwar server. If not it's easy to create one.

All gang leaders are welcome to pm me the account you want to use (and an alternate for when the leader can not attend) on the gangwar server so I can give you in-game admin privileges. This will enable you to kick/ban/set time and weather during your match.

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does this include =AA= because lately kungfu has been a cronic hater, its ok if we cant because we will have our own server in a matter of days...

but yeah kungfu is prolly the lamest admin on that whoel network... he pmed snowmane and basically asked him to quit aa/join kfc or leave... i mean this guy is gettign really desperate...

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