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actualy ive reinstaled MTA sa and Gta sa due to resource loading errors, but when im trying to install my skins back on my gta3.img this happens LIco62w.png i mean, how does the claude skin still normal in mta but modded in the gta3.img file?

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is anyone going to reply? ;(

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If you want put it in your server u must put an archive .meta and an archive .lua and then TXD + DFF.

And you must know , the nick's ID , I'll explain you here.

well ,the skin ID is the number 299 so , check this



function replaceModel()

txd = engineLoadTXD("claude.txd", 299 )

engineImportTXD(txd, 299)

dff = engineLoadDFF("claude.dff", 299 )

engineReplaceModel(dff, 299)


addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), replaceModel)

Good Luck.

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you must go to: MTA San Andreas 1.5 ->server -> mods -> deathmatch, you have to open mtaserver.conf with notepad, you will find a line like this.


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Cold[MM], yes I am now in mtaserver.conf and opened with notepad, but how can I put modded skins on a MTA server, please help and hope for a quick respond :(

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Some patch in MTA:SA 1.4.1 make unable to use any installed custom skin in gta3.img

Actually you still can use it but only in your own server, like Cold[MM] said, you can enable the feature only for peds with this value in mtaconfig.conf:


If you wanna use it in any other server you may ask the owner to enable the option in his mtaconfig.conf

There's actually no other way.

Same thing for .ifp files, but in this case it is impossible to bring it back to your server or any server at all due cheat suspect.

Custom Skins also were disabled by default in any server for the same reason, cheating suspect.

You might ask yourself why Skins were disabled if they just change the model?

In fact, some modders could make skins invulnerable to bullets, which MTA Team was forced to disable the use of Custom Skins by default.

MTA Team also wrote a note of it -> "Not recommended for Competitive servers"

Well, i think you understood why :')



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