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GTA San Andreas (PS2) reached GOLD


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GTA San Andreas has reached the gold status. This means development has finished and Rockstar North has snd the final edition to Take2Interactive for final testing and publishing. This means that the game is still on schedule for it's release date.

GTA:SA has been rated M for Mature and will be released by the end of the month.

On a footnote there is no confirmation from Rockstar or T2I about the gold status.

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These are the times I'm glad I have my PS2 :P Actually I've used it quite a bit lately cause I like Socom2 and Tiger Woods 2005 also.

Europeans must get ticked sometimes that we usually get everything a day or two earlier. ;)

Hmm last thing to say... preordering sucks, its always slow for me, this time I'm just gonna go to Best Buy or what have you asap to buy it (maybe asking for reserve or getting store pickup).

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