MTA(3/VC) still alive?

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Well, I installed MTA 0.5r2, but I can not contact the masterlist. If still working, someone could give me the IP of any server online? It can be anyone. Both GTA 3 and Vice City.

Thanks :fadein:

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lol i remember when on GTA3....

i was using cheat "smoke cigarette" + "car on water" CHEATS together to have phjun in MTA:VC....... (and kicked for 5 minutes...)

i tried to put 2000$ at bank also , but a jacker stoled me it....

THUG WAS CHEATED............. (i needed script for food restaurant a,nd so...)


:OK/ i was the server owner of "cheaters' welcome" on GTA SA... for one night of fury, jet packs + snipers on . 8)

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We wish buddy. Those days are long gone.

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The server listing is currently down in the built-in server browser due to ASE's death. The external server browser is also not working right now due to some issues with Game-Monitor that I was promised by Wojjie would have been fixed years ago. (Needless to say, they are trying to sell off Game-Monitor now, and don't appear to care about it anymore).

For the time being, 0.5r2 and earlier servers will have to rely on users advertising their IP addresses. This will be fixed in 0.5.1's upcoming release, as we will be using our own server listing from that point forward.

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