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The developers of netscape were fired at AOL. AOL moved the source to the mozilla project. They started the mozilla foundation and kept the project going. But to compete with IE and Opera they needed something light instead of the Heave mozilla suite. So they started ripping it apart in Firefox (firebird first) and Thunderbird (mail client).

Netscape was also the first popular browser. It came at the right time. MS and Bill Gates were not interested in the net back then. Gates even said that the net would be dead after 5 years. But when the net started picking up popularity they needed to do something so they created a clone of NS but they didn't put many effort in it till after Win95.

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Also if you use the IE ocx or whatever in ur own created software you are still vulnerable.

Yes I know, but the symptons don't appear. (unless it is a non-ie sympton)

for me its incredibly easy to stay away from spyware and hijacks, etc. Its easy to tell just by the google description or the url in the google link if its going to be a bad site or not

)>--| GTAtari's Pro Surfing Tips |--<(

--> Stay AWAY from crack \ warez sites, you don't need to be breaking the law anyway, so if you get something, you well deserve it

--> Stay away from any non main stream search engine. If its a search you havent heard of before, don't go there!

--> Porn is the pay load for sites doing unethical things, if you see lots of porn ads, maybe you shouldnt be there

--> Make sure you read the EULA for software (just the end of it) by law it must say if its installing something besides the program itself (spy ware)

--> Don't run programs unless you trust the source, most free programs install spyware which they get paid to do (thus they are free)

--> Don't isntall iMesh or most P2P clients (iMesh 100% gaurentee includes spyware)

--> Run ad-aware once a month (http://www.lavasoft.de) (its free)

--> Make your system immune to common hijacks, with SpyBot S&D (its free)

--> Download BHODeamon (its free) and disable all BHO's in IE

--> Plugins that offer free mp3s/porn/movies/episodes/anything are 99% of the time Spyware, AND they may lie not providing the service they offered

--> Always click no on any anything that wants to install something if its not a main stream site (macromedia, microsoft, apple, etc)

--> Some installers will pop up on perfectly legitimate sites, but that is because of that sites advertising, not their will. So click NO

*Expert Tips*

--> Use start>run msconfig and remove unwanted \ spyware startup clients from your windows start up (as well as those pesky real player tray icons, and updater icons) Be careful, as the system has startup items you shouldnt remove

--> If you are installing something your suspicious of, make a windows system restore point before you install it, so you can undo it. (NOTE: windows sometimes automatically creates restore points when you install software, but it doesn't gaurentee it or do it everytime)

those are my tips for now

anyway Ive been surfing with IE \ my own for years now, and ive had little problem with hijacks and such, but if you arent the most tech savy you know, it pays to be safe

edit: I thot of some more tips

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Yes but firefoz is secure. Wait until you have a browser hijack, maybe you'll think differently then.

I had a brower hijack, it forced my browser into some adware search site, overwrote google, etc all the typical hijack stuff.. but I removed it by hand, it was a bitch, but do-able none the less, you just need alot of techincal pc skills \ resources, or you could do more damage than was done

however I still use IE or my own web browser that I programmed, but its more of an IE wrapper than a full fleged browser, because it uses IE's core, that isnt affted by hijacks, yet still can trigger them. Whatever, I like my combo, and should a hijacker come a knocking, it'll get its ass kicked by me.

But you see, I HAVE removed quite a few Hijacks using the registry editor, but the spread SO fast. It becomes a 30 minute ordeal.

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Im reminded of a practical joke that a friend tried to pull on me. Basicaly it was a java script that d/ls a file (any file) onto your pc, in any directory the hacker chooses, when a very common action is done in IE(not going to say cause its super easy to do in javascript), but anyways he tried to get me infected with a virus. thankfully i was using FF, and i never got infected. I acted all like 'omfg' and he laughed, but then i told him that i used FF, and the joke was on him. So thanx to FF my friend now looks like a idiot, and i know a very simple way to infect a persons pc. Also which i find even funnier is that i doubt this little exploit will ever be fixed. So next time your web surfing with IE, and you get a virus, you can thank IE for that, and there ignorance towards the ever growing intellegence of the population. I should also add that MS's little sp2 doesnt fix this either, since its javascript, adn has little or nothing to do with MS :)

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I should also add that MS's little sp2 doesnt fix this either, since its javascript, adn has little or nothing to do with MS :)

It has everything to do with MS since it's MS' implementation of the javascript standard. It has/had (can't tell since I don't use SP2) many holes, but a SP can change it all...

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tot eh comment about "if your PC can handle XP" my old 200 mhz pentium 1 pc runs faster w/ XP than it did windows 95 98 and ME.

Also, firefox owns IE, only exception is memory usage... unnoticed in my comp :). Firefox is faster adn more convenient due to its capabilities.

you must have lots of ram then, because i used to work for my high schools "computer guy," and one of my jobs was to upgrade the schools hardware to XP, they had pentium 350mhz dells, and they could barely whithstand xp with 32mb of ram and 5 gig hds (not that the hd has much to do with it besides page file)

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Loendal why do you have to be so cheesy all the time :roll: You're like Uncle Buck when he drops the kid off at school in the station wagon that makes the huge backfire. :lol: (Hi firefox btw :P)

lol blokker/xenex, theres obviously some TENSION here, but I'm just saying, everyone is harpin on how bad it is, but I really haven't seen anything about it or had it do anything to my computer to make me start hitting the cat.

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Loendal why do you have to be so cheesy all the time :roll:

Because if I wasn't how else could I embrace the awesome untapped power of Cheezy Techno... Or how could I enjoy such shows as Mystery Science Theatre 3000... Or how could I revel in a world where everything is so damn serious all the time and not go insane?

Embrace the Cheeze... it's good for you!

Edit: P.S. You call me cheesy and yet YOU are the one quoting Monty Python in your Location... Aren't ya? HA! and DOUBLE HA!

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yeah firefox is great! no more crashes every few mins!!! good by IE! go suck something! ahahaha that and I can flip back and forth to like.... what 20 websites without leaving this window!! omg I can post links with no problem ! ahahaha I love this program! The download manager and popup blocker and extra security isn't to bad either :wink: . You can middle click (middle click again to close em) links to open them in new tabs... come on now thats just great. (though it'll start to eat up a chunk of memory at one point)

btw what plugin can I use to visit sites that absolutly want you to use IE?

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