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MTA 0.5 Reincarnated

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Hello, I have remade MTA 0.5 in VCMP 0.4.


• All Vehicles converted from mtad.scm

• All Weapons/Pickups converted from mtad.scm

• All Skins & Spawnpoints converted from mtad.scm

• Weapon Data converted from weapon.mta

Work in progress:

• Full recreation of MTA:mA:GRS in Squirrel.

• Exact copy of the MTA 0.5 Spawnscreen

• Admin+ / MTA:mA Panel. (Live map etc).

• Will add boats and things MTA always needed if enough demand. :twisted:

Server details:

Come play, its ONLINE usually 24/7.

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I haven't checked it out yet, but very happy to see this happen! I know LU has a server up for the same thing for GTA3:MTA.

I'm assuming this is for the Vice City: Deathmatch gamemode. Is this based off of 0.5 or 0.5r2?

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It is based off both technically. ;P Because it has a lot of the "fixes" built into it thanks to VCMP =]

Had robber war happen out of the blue recently, just like old times.

Check out the skirmish

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  • 4 years later...

Hello again! Well all progress with this project was lost when I struggled with scripting it as a total noob to doing so, so it died since this thread was first posted, my PC was turned off for years and stashed away, till recently mustve recieved some damage as my hdd lasted a few hours after booting it and I didnt salvage the server files. Good news though, I found the motivation to get the gamemode rebuilt from scratch and this time its back better than before and still improving. Calling out all you old mtavc players/devs and n00bs who missed out back then to pay it a visit, you're all welcome there. I will have more videos too, and we also have a discord poppin with an Echo. will link.

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