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Rankin County Emergency Services Clan [FR-MP]

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Rankin County Emergency Services Clan is one of the most advanced clans for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas at this time. We are based around Rankin County in Mississippi. We have everything from the volunteer fire departments to the sheriff’s office. We do not have commissioners for a reason. We built this clan around the model no one over another. Each division has two division leaders to work on the board of division leaders. All major clan decisions are made when every member of the board of division leaders approves and agrees with the motion. We will never have any administrative fights this way thus causing less drama and a better role play experience. As of recently we have gotten lucky enough to acquire the scripts used in First Response Multiplayer also known as SAPD:FR Online. We have purchased these scripts to make everyone’s role play experience even better in the clan. We do still have player civilians for the major events that just cannot be done by any script. We are also currently working with Palm Beach Games to get stuff like undercover drug bust or baitcar added to the script. But we are not forgetting Fire and EMS. Fire and EMS plays a vital role in this clan. Anytime an fire or ems is needed we hope to have the staff we need on hand to handle the call. We currently have 2 fire departments in the clan, 1 a volunteer department another, a full-time paid department. All departments have top of the line equipment. Fire departments respond to all medical calls to start pre-ambulance care so when the American Medical Response ambulance the transporting agency for Rankin County can get the patient and be en-route to the hospital. AMR also has 2 supervisors which are actually considered sprint medics being they drive vehicles that carry anything in the back of an ambulance so they can respond to a call and assist a fire department that may not have a medic on duty for Level 1 calls. This can mean the difference in life and death for some citizens in Rankin County. If the on-scene commanders see it fit that ambulance transport would just be to slow for the patient they can call for University of Mississippi AirCare which is the only helicopter transport system in the area. UMMC AirCare is in need of pilots and medics. When any fire or ems scene turns for the worst not to worry Rankin County Emergency Operations Center is there. Rankin EOC is in charge of all haz-mat or whether related events. Rankin EOC also host the Rankin County Fire and EMS coordinator which is in charge of working with all fire departments and AMR to make sure everything is going smoothly. EOC has members on staff 24/7 to respond to any calls that fire and ems departments may get where they see fit that a more experienced hand is needed. All this couldn’t be possible without the dispatch division able to keep up with all units and alert them to the appropriate calls or locations. Dispatch is a very stressful job and very hard to keep up with. It is not for anyone. Dispatchers are trained by EOC and Sheriff’s office being dispatch must dispatch AMR, Cleary VFD, Reservoir Fire, Air-Care (Med-Com), and Sheriff’s office. Like what you see? Come join us at

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