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What's your Favorite GTA3 car?

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Police Car.. Sturdy, sure footed and you get cool siren noises ;)

Sentinal... Not the Mafia version, just the plain Sentinal (Preferably the bright yellow one ;) )

Stinger is good too, I'm sort of torn between the Stinger and the Patriot for 3rd place.

Banshee has a steady 4th, Infernus is WAY down near the bottom (Handles like crap)

* wanders back to work *

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I find the fire truck funny 2 drive some times, even tryed 2 mak a unique jump with it :)

haha the ft rocks, i did some pretty nice backflips with it and it has a better acceleration than you would think :D

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My favorite GTA3 car is the FBI car. Unfortunately it's not in the current scm!

The GTA3 FBI car looks cool, has great speed and handling and the cool blue

light. Plus in SP they're hard to get which makes them special.

My favorite GTA3 vehicle is of course the Dodo.

My favorite VC car is the FBI Rancher (it would be the patriot but it's too slow).

I like them becuase they look like the kind of car where badass would jump out and start shooting.

My favorite VC vehicle is the VCN Maverick

(which is also not in the current scm!)

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