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What's your Favorite GTA3 car?

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imho...infernus is the greatest car ever made that doesn't actually exist

i mean rtfm or the cars.dat thing its really fast tbh,,,irl i would love to see one but i wont ever gtfo of my house.

lmao rofl could cause carpet burns

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The poll is too limited for the question you are asking - it only lists a few cars, so i shall remove it.

As for my favourites it depends on my mood, Stinger usually, BF Injection when i feel like driving all over the place. (offroad chase is great in MTA) and dodo when i want to bother the seagulls

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by the way, my favorite gta3 cars are Banshee, dodo Yardie lobo and cheetah :)

next time don't put so few vehicles in the poll, although having all the GTA III vehicles in the poll would be nasty, like the garbage truck which noone would select... or would you? :P

and next time use the icon_edit.gif button instead of double posting.

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I need to get more active in these forums. I think the Mafia Sentinel kicks ass! All black, quite fast, and a four door. I love it! The infernus is ok, but I think that the sentinal is also the most faithfully reproduced car. (Looks to me to be a BMW of sorts.) While the infernus looks completely made up.

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