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that should make much sence from a stupid dumb that have idiot mark on his avatare that's what boro said, so you got pwned bitch, your a idiot i'm not hahaha

Did you seriously just call me "a stupid dumb"? Im still trying to firgure out what that means...Our language is not spoken like that,sorry...you should really brush up on your English cuzz its horrible and makes you look 8 or 9 years old...and your just pissy cuzz when you FINALLY did get in game earlier today Yankees pwned your ass...

Nice recruit DeathB...can you maybe teach him some English?

Now im done with you so go head and say what you want but im not gonna reply.

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rofl lmfao nice recruit kfc made also (Stupid one actually), you really are stupid arent ya bitch??

No we couldin't fight couse ransom was in and trying to fuck it up,

yea he's a good player, but he was racist in the server thats why I posted, I know I am not so good on english so what, what are you gonna do about that?? idiot's cant do nothing gg... OK want me to be racist too nikka??

I know your black should I call you black mother fucking nigger??? how whould that feel stupid retard count, when your out from the retard dumb school that your in, then someone might listen to the bullshit you say.

Meh whatever you say niggateen, I don't care what stupid dumb mother fuckas say rofl.. BTW good they put a dumb idiot mark on your avatar, so

every body knows your a dumb stupid loser gg..

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that sergio cracka 8) but i had to easily say no. sorry. 8)

lmfao sergio is an illeagal immagrant and doesn't know what he is doing....i am sure wheelman and rival do not want modders in our clan..thx have a good day..

how did you get in then? :roll:

umm show me some proof of some hacking nub :lol:

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:lol: .... not funny kid. you just continue playin like you dont know what im sayin but i know, soon more people will realise that your a fake. 8) gg no re

hey man i didn't post on the kfc boards of 5:20 am pwnage with BazW's site on the top of your msg....if you can show me a picture of me hacking a msg of me saying i hack go right a head but if you can't then get your modder bitch ass out of these fourms and go crawl under a rock and die....and about the fake thing man you ain't nothin but a bitch who got kicked out of KFC for hacking can you get any lower than that you worthless son of a bitch.....you come talk to me when u got some proof thx


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:? wtf ru sayin. u really need to get ur uneducated ass back in elementary skool

i still dont see where ur comin up w/ the "yankees is a racist" theory

lol yankees nice wheels on that car ;)

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