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=AA=Advent Alliance =AA= {NOW RECRUITING}


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New =AA= Teamspeak:

Biggups to k00ner for paying for it

everyoen coem n visit us!!!!

Edit: and we now have our own 26 player public server!!!!

=AA= Pure Pwnage Server

our attempt to make a server to rival the partyserver, and be admined much better... this server wont kick for which gang ur in, or who u hate/love

the scripts will be up tomorow for the server, than i can pick a bunch of trustworthy people to admin

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yes, and now its off, and the scripts are up and running, thanks to gamefreek :-D

right now we are looking for a place where we can get our scripts hosted permanately, isntead of making someone run irc in their backround all the time... so if anyone has any suggestions or can lend a hand, it will be appreciated

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game if u dont mind turning back on the scripts because there has been a lot of cheating such as health hack and speed ect. maybe to reslove that problem tell the admins not to abuse their privalige of being an admin or get it takin away its just a sugestion to wheel so if u dont mind turning back on the scripts :D thanks

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