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=AA=Advent Alliance =AA= {NOW RECRUITING}


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^^^^ how do u like my new rank? ^^^^^

err... i think i wanna leave AA....

this is reallly not what i wanted....... i dunno what i should do....

hey can one of you moderators PM me all the IP's i posted from??

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before anyoen asks, i no nothing of this "edit" button.

Please welcome the following new members to =AA=

K00ner (Returned)

Outlaw (Returned)

aRMor (my friend kyle, lives near me, just started mta, but will be good soon.)

C()\/\/B - A guy named C()\/\/b()y that we found in a server, is pretty talented, and definately has a bright future in aa

these 4 members will make =AA= a lot stronger, and further imporve an elite gang

welcoem all :-D

*edit* we have yet ANOTHER new member, Iceland, a talented indivisual who will also further improve our 1337 gang... laugh

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