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what's the player's bandwidth in 0.4.1?


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BW usage varies depending on number of players on the server, location of them in relation to you etc, so impossible to give you a figure.

I suggest playing and monitoring yourself to find out.

yea there's tons of difference between a stubby war with many players present, and if all are cruising around the city.

i have bandwith limit of 2 gb and i use a very simple program called Maginet to monitor bw usage, there are actually 2 programs in this one.

Maginet: which can be switched on by selecting track network (in magitime) monitors traffic through router/LAN

Magitime: monitors usage for dial-up connections

hope this helps :)

u could use the default windows one, but maginet logs each day so u can keep the record.

NOTE: the information can't be quite trusted if u have many machines on the network, because it also counts the traffic that gets moved between the pc (a film or music for instance.)

im not even sure if u have bandwith limit, but i guess so 8)

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