Server Hangup On Startup

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Hello everyone!

My associates and I are attempting to run an MTA server on a Centos 6.6 dedicated server. The server itself is overkill and hosts a couple games already with realistically 1/32 of the resources used.

Specs are as follows:

Dual Intel Xeon L5520 (2.53 GHz, 2x4cores, 16 threads)



10TB bandwidth

1Gbps network uplink


4 usable IPv4 & IPv6 on request

The issue we are having is the resource compilation at server startup. We start the server and it literally takes a few minutes per resource as if it's loading one, then freezing, loading another, then freezing. I ran a top command to record the resources used when this fiasco was unfolding and the entire server was under 5% load. Those figures just do not signify, in my head at least, a server side issue with regards to speed and server thought process. I have run everything else with zero hiccups at all aside from your basic lib issues, which are easily corrected.

Does anyone know what could cause these sorts of hangups/freezes(if they even are freezes) the startup script designates a total compilation time of around 290seconds and this thing was chugging for 20 or so minutes last night. All rendering the same

results with multiple starts.

Anyone have an idea what would cause this?

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Try this:

1) Rename the 'mods/deathmatch/resources' directory to 'mods/deathmatch/aaa'

2) Start the MTA server

3) Rename 'mods/deathmatch/aaa' back to 'mods/deathmatch/resources'

4) In the MTA server console, type the command: refresh

This will display the time it takes to load each resource.

Show the content of server log.

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