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Should The MTA Crew get paid by Rockstar?  

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  1. 1. Should The MTA Crew get paid by Rockstar?

    • Absolutely! They should be crowned and be put on a platter...lol
    • Ya, but not that much..
    • No, it's just a free mod

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Since MTA crew is doing such a damn good job on a Mod for GTA3 which will bring the game back to life, and i could even see people buying the game just because of this mod, and even when Vice City comes out. Wouldn't you think that it would be honourable for Rockstar to give the MTA team a good amount of money for promoting their game soo much?

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legally, the mta team cant make ANY money off of this.

R* own the rights to the game etc and that is that. Unles the MTA team paid a licensing fee or something; the team get no $ what-so-ever, otherwise its byebye mta :roll:

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well how much would it cost for the MTA team to pay for a licensing fee and what all could they do if they did? maybe they could get people to donate money to their cause?i think pepole wouldn't mind giving what they could for some thing that they really want..... since there are over 1000 members could get alot of money with atleast 10 dollors a head.... just throwin in my idea.......

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no - i dont even think 'donations' will cut it

as for licencing, i think that would cost a LOT more than what you would expect.

Though gaining the rights to legally modify files, including the GTA3.exe file would probably be worth it =)

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techically, since R* ownes the game, and all the rights, they can legaly do anything they want to the MTA team.. if MTA were to get paid by US, then it would be illegal.. but if they get piad by R* (the topic of this thread) then it would be legal.. since R* is choosing to.

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I think R* is very impressed right now on how much MTA has achivied/achiving ...but also y would R* pay MTA ?? like maybe becasue there doing so well?? i dun think so....cuz i jus dun c y R* the company that made the game would pay MTA for a multiplayer mod?? R* is getting nothin out of it..... :? i dunno...thats jus how i c it :roll:

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Im guessing that R* will bring out the next GTA with mp, without the mta crew. They might borrow some game-mode ideas, but the rest will remain.

Would be really good if they hired a few of the mta programmers to work on future mta versions (and myself as a paid tester ;-) )

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isn't that what this is? think that they'll just put out their own mod(something that you'll have to go out to the store to get and pay like 40 - 50 bucks for) that'll let you play up all the cities and work up some of "their"own game modes ( i did that cause ya never know, somethin like what MTA puts in their game might show up) but this is only what i think and who know, i'm probly wronge

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some of the original ones like speed, the revolving tag game, a character based game (look at trx's screenie =), ctc (or whoopie) or one of those will probably end up in a future version of gta if it was to happen.

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hummm getting an idea....... what about having a place where you can buy special cars( you know like make it so that the banshee, patriot, infernus, and all those other sports cars and make it so that they don't spawn on the map). well don't think i should be talkin about this here so gonna shut up now.... :)

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modify the import export garages so that they are always open and that when you place yourself over an icon, X$$$ is deducted, and the car arrives as per normal.

You can change the cars that are in there as well (remove dodo from portland etc)

once again - back on topic people =)

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Well i think that if R* doesnt have a MP in Vice City or any ones after that, that maybe they might ask MTA to make the MP for them... and pay them to do it... It's possible, it's happened before to where someone makes a great mod for a game and the game developers ask that person (or group) to help them make an expansion or mod.

If you want an example, it happened with C&C Renegade. An excelent map maker for Renegade was asked by Westwood (the developers) to finish 2 maps that they had started, but he wasnt payed for it... but that was Westwoods decision.

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What mod can u remember that was paid mucho dinero just because some guys felt like making it? I think it was Counter Strike. It is the same situation here, but again, it is all up to R* to choose to pay them or not...until then, donations from people like us are always helpful...

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  • MTA Team

i'm gonna lock this.

We can make mone out of this if we want to. We do ot need a license cause memory adresses aren't licensed :P . We do not use/alter any files delivered by R*

We do not accept donations due to the fact that there are other egal issues. We also don't find it moraly correct to receive money.

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