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Match format: 4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5 if both sides agree.

Rounds: 9 rounds (4 random bases, each play twice then arena 2)

Server: Matches can be played only on Tournament's servers.

Referee: Every match must be supervised by at least 2 referees.

System: First there will be 4 groups with 3 clans in each group, first 2 ranks qualify for the next round, then it will be played as K.O. phase

Gamemode: Tactics 1.2 r20


closedamage: false

crouchbug: true

"This is the glitch where the post shooting animation can be aborted by using the crouch key."

fastfire: vote

"This is the glitch that can be achieved by cancelling the full fire animation, allowing you to shoot with slow-fire weapons (e.g. deagle) much faster."

fastmove: true

"This is the glitch that can be achieved by a certain key combinations whilst standing up after crouching, which allows you to move quickly with slow weapons (e.g. deagle)."

hitanim: vote

"Enabling this allows 'hit by bullet' animations to interrupt player aiming."

quickreload: true

"This is the glitch where switching weapons auto-reloads your weapon, without actually performing the reload animation."

fastsprint: true

"Enabling fastsprint allows players to tap space with a macro to boost their speed beyond normal speeds of GTASA."


fps_limit: 50

fps_minimal: 25

packetloss_second: 3

packetloss_total: 10

ping_maximal: 350

warning_fps: 10

warning_packetloss: 3

warning_ping: 10

Avaible weapons:


Max slots: 3


capturing: 0:20

timelimit: 10:00



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