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[MT] Multi Unit Squad Team (Recruiting Closed)


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MUST(Muli Unit Squad Team) is a clan group which can be made up of cops, special services, and SWAT members....

Are mission: To make Vice City, which has turned to hell since the death of Tommy Vercetti, a peaceful place again! We have the Mexicans, who are sneaking weapons on to Vice City...... The Columbians/Sailors smuggling Columbians and Coke into Vice City.... And we also have the new, but lazy and queer, Motercycle gang/Robbers who are planning on robbing every building in Vice City :P!

Sign up today!

FORUM: http://clanmust.myfreebb.com/index.php


















1. No cheating, this includes crack clients or any other mods or trainers(do not play with Vice City 2004, Ultimate Vice City, or Deluxe Vice City, cause if your driving over a "modded" bridge, it will be cheatin, cause others can not ride on the the bridge unless they have the mod)

2. Respect other gangs, dont start useless arguments

3. Dont take the game to seriously, avoid drama

4. Respect fellow teammates

5. No racist shit

6. No hacking peeps servers and fuckin them up, cause I'm gonna get blamed for it and they got fix it.......

7. No crack clients of any sort


:) Biggie Smalls

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slap me bitchs and give me sum skin dawgs keepin it real in the west side story welcome to da jungle foolz watch ya back in mta cuz u might just get a cap put in it word


Gud luck MUST :P

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