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Hello guys,

i would show you some of my simple but funny projects i´m working on for MTA. I´m not a profi in scripting or video editing, but its much fun for me to create awesome stuff for MTA.

Some project video´s:

MTA:The Cube

More traps:

Laser Trap:



Simple procedural clouds

Water Effects

Simple PED driving AI 2

Simple PED driving AI

Particle Editor Beta

Mario Kart Gamemode

My first water shader (old)

I hope you like some of that stuff, and feel free to check channel from time to time, there will be come some amazing stuff next months. 8)

Best wishes,


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Is there any way you could release that water shader?

I´m in shame, but no this version of water shader was deleted long time ago. But i have new version and it will be released in near future:


Here you can see some screenshots of my current shader work (most pics are odd old): http://gallery.samake-gaming.de/#!album-0

its good, btw do you use 2D arrays or colshapes to make the AI?

No colshapes wont work with world models. Its a combined system of "processLineOfSight" (clientside by synced element), some vector calculations and serverside instanced AI calculations for each ped.

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