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Just read the news! Great Job Guys!


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Great great great job! Glad to hear mod is almost done! :)

To fix the weapon problem, how bout doing some copy and pasting, about 10 times or something for all weapons? Am I on the right track here?

If you can't fix the weapon problem atm...its okay....one gun will do just fine to waste someone.....sniff....sniff......MY ROCKET LAUNCHER NOOOO....sniff..sniff...lol...

Anyway, how does GTAW work? I'll probably be buying VC for PC soon, but does GTAW take VC and GTA full game legit versions, and thats what makes it work? I'll have both legit versions anywayz, tho...


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Just was looking at the screenshot that we were give again...and...well...

Do you think that the blood spatter would be syncronized?


If it isn't...then one day...when the mod is basically completly finished and out of entire beta versions...be like MTA v5 or something....and you guys might possibly be bored...try making the blood spatter synced :)

Thanks again for all of your work :)

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