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Planning to make MTA related game with C/C++

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Hey guys, uhmm... I was planning to make a game with C/C++ (not the big and better ones) and then bridge it to mta sa.. Is that possible? Like create the game using openGL and then bridging it to MTA SA. I thought we will get more player base in MTA SA. (I mean the total).. So if it can be done then can you tell how I do it?

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well in this context, bridging means connecting. Like I mean like adding my game to MTA SA. example: in the MTA SA main menu, you see server browser and other buttons, so i meant like adding my game to that place but currently I only know to make single player games, bad at multiplayer thingies..

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well no Noki... please dont think like that, my C/C++ game will not be like Halo 4 or something like that, to make something like that I have to build an engine first and thats the hardest part, anyway, its not advertising, its called when player's ping is high, and when player doesnt have internet.. he/she can just you know... play my game thru MTA :D

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No, i think nobody will play your game in MTA. Why? MTA is what is was made for, a multiplayer API for San Andreas. This community contains a lot of people who were able to create their own games. But why should they "connected" with MTA? This isnt a distribution plattform for hobby programmers.

If you are want more players for MTA, then help to make MTA better. Create good stuff with given tools and go and advertise on your friends. Report bugs, create your own MTA branch and try new techniques there or what ever.

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