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Charging for repairs


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local vehicleHealth = getElementHealth ( vehicle ) / 10 
triggerServerEvent( "takeRepairMoney", getLocalPlayer(), resourceRoot, vehicleHealth - 100 ) 


function takeRepairMoney ( thePlayer, command, amount )     -- when the takeRepairMoney command is called 
        takePlayerMoney ( thePlayer, tonumber(amount) ) -- take the amount of money from the player 
addCommandHandler ( "takeRepairMoney", takeRepairMoney )           -- add a handler function for the command "takecash" 

It displays vehicle health but wont charge accordingly. It gives the error: [2015-02-16 06:53:48] ERROR: Client (=[T]=) triggered serverside event takeRepairMoney, but event is not added serverside. Yet it is...

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Try this at client side:

triggerServerEvent( "takeRepairMoney", resourceRoot, vehicleHealth - 100 ) -- [[vehicleHealth - 100]] should be a number btw, since its the cost amount. 

And you are adding a command in serverside, not an event, try this one:

function takeRepairMone (amount) 
addEvent("takeRepairMoney", true) 
addEventHandler("takeRepairMoney", root, takeRepairMoney) 

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