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[HELP] Reading numbers before text


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Hello guys, I need a bit of help with reading a number (0.00) before a text (0.00 Text) At the moment my script reads the numbers after a text, like this: (text 0.00) using this code:

guiGridListGetItemText(shopItemsList, row, 2):sub(6) 

Is there a :sub kinda things that does the revers? To read the numbers from right to left?

Thank you.

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Then you need a pattern to do the work for you, a simple one like this might do:

guiGridListGetItemText(shopItemsList, row, 2):match("%d+.%d+") 

It will extract the number whether it's "Text 00.00", "00.00 Text". Also the amount of digits won't matter.

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