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This script saves the color of the vehicle in the SQL table, but when the vehicles are loaded, it never sets the vehicle color. In the makevehs function in vehicles_server.lua you need to set the color of the vehicle. The SQL column name is "Color" and this is what the developer put for the insert:

local color = tostring(r1.. "," ..g1.. "," ..b1.. "," ..r2.. "," ..g2.. "," ..b2) 


Use the split function with a comma.

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Change first function with this:

function makevehs () 
local vehicle = executeSQLQuery("SELECT * FROM `newprivatevehicles`") 
for i, v in ipairs(vehicle) do 
local colors = split(v.Color, ",") 
vehicles[i] = createVehicle ( v.Model, v.X, v.Y, v.Z, v.RX, v.RY, v.RZ ) 
setVehicleColor(vehicles[i], colors[1], colors[2], colors[3], colors[4], colors[5], colors[6]) 
setElementData(vehicles[i], "whoLocked", v.GROUPLOCK) 
setElementData(vehicles[i], "lockedTo", v.LOCK) 

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