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Start by looking at the syntax:

setPedRotation( thePed, z ) 
setElementRotation( thePed, x, y, z ) 

You need to provide x and y rotations as well which logically should be the same as they where before you changed the z rotation, so to get x and y, simply use:

local rx,ry,rz = getElementRotation( thePed ) 

Argument 1 and 4 will be the same as 1 and 2 in setPedRotation while 2 and 3 will get the values from rx and ry.

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How hard could it be, you already posted the old working code, you need to write this:

setPedRotation(ped, (360 - math.deg(math.atan2((x - px), (y - py)))) % 360) 


local rx,ry,rz = getElementRotation( ped ) 
setElementRotation(ped, rx, ry, (360 - math.deg(math.atan2((x - px), (y - py)))) % 360) 

Keep the rest of the code as it is, I assume that x,px,y,py are position coordinates.

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