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Hey guys, I bring a coin system to avoid both use money game and use something different can have for a roleplay or specific server.

* features:

this system gives also be able to use in different incidents since it has functions that can be exported from himself.

- SERVER (syntax):

· setPlayerCoin (player theplayer, int amount) - set a specific value. 
· givePlayerCoin (player theplayer, int amount) - establishes a summed with the previous value. 
· takePlayerCoin (player theplayer, int amount) - the specific value is taken. 
· getPlayerCoin (player theplayer) - gets the values that has a player. 

- CLIENT-SIDE (syntax):

· getPlayerCoin (player theplayer) 


function mycs(thePlayer, command) 
   local mycoins = exports.coinsystem:getPlayerCoin(thePlayer) 
   if ( mycoins >= 10000 ) then 
   outputChatBox("you have more than 10000 coins.", thePlayer, 0, 255, 0, false) 
   outputChatBox("you have less than 10000 coins.", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0, false)    
addCommandHandler("coins", mycs) 

addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", root, function() 
exports.coinsystem:setPlayerCoin(source, 1000) 

function buyWeapon(thePlayer, command) 
   local prize = 20000 
   local mycoins = exports.coinsystem:getPlayerCoin(thePlayer) 
   if ( mycoins >= tonumber(prize) ) then 
   giveWeapon(thePlayer, 31, 2000)    
   exports.coinsystem:takePlayerCoin(thePlayer, prize) 
   outputChatBox("you bought a M4.", thePlayer, 0, 255, 0, false)    
   outputChatBox("you don't have enough coins!", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0, false)    
addCommandHandler("buyw", buyWeapon) 

Commands (only admins)

there are commands that can only be used by the admin group. 
syntax: /setcoin <playername> <amount> 
syntax: /givecoin <playername> <amount> 

EDIT: Changelog

[b]1.3.0[/b] - META config was removed by some bugs that caused and it was decompiled to edit your preference. 
[b]1.2.0[/b] - Some bugs was fixed. 
[b]1.1.0[/b] - Resource release. 



Thnx :)

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[quote name=..:D&G:..]People can compile them themselves after they edited them as they wanted. For example I cannot use the script because I cannot configure it with my gamemode :(

The script was made to work for any gamemode and also for a custom hud

I want to make it save in mysql for example, but I cannot do that as it's compiled :P

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