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Looking for Add Weapon Script Dayz [Paid Request]


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I am frustrated working on this myself for awhile now. I am willing to pay someone to do this for me.

I am requesting a script that does the following:

1. Duplicating existing weapon (although I already had that part with ammo bug fixed).

2. Upon switching weapon to New Duplicated Weapon, the Skin should not be bugged.(Like two skin overlapping one another)

3. The created object that represent the new weapon should not flop around while swinging camera around (The bone attachment bug)

4. When dropping or picking up the new weapon from ground, its skin should look like the corresponding skin for the new weapon.

Payment Method : Paypal

Contact: Pm Me for TS channel and Ur Price.

Appropriate Credits will be given for the scripter or the original scripter (in case u got it from someone else), and we'll guarantee your work will not be leaked.

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