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I have an idea so people will stop asking for release dates...

Make a small section that states ETA - 1 month or something like that...

I'm sure the team has a goal on when to get the next release out, right?

Just an idea, probably will get locked, but it'll stop people from asking, and stop people from gettin pissed off when they ask...

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But if they say that the release is 1 more month and they dont release it then, people will complain :roll:

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That was the problem with GTA3:MTA 0.3b. They set a date that was too ambitious and they had to rush the project in order to release it on time.

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ETA = ESTIMATED time arrival

its an estime, not exact

you could say

ETA - 1 - 3 months

so we kno its not like 6 months, or the next couple of days

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NO. We dont not tell you for the hell of it. Nobody knows, us included. Locked, and soon to be deleted.

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