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[HELP]About Progressbars


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Hello,guys . I'm a chineseplayer,so,Sorry my English is not good.I wish I could express what I mean.

Yesterday, I want to write a server .The server has a Progressbars,it told us player's hunger level. I need save the barProgress when player exit the game and load the barProgress when he login.

I reason in this way about the matter.

When a player exit game. Use guiProgressBarGetProgress in client side to send barProgress to server side when player exit.Then save the barProgress to this player's AccountData. Then, when player login, set player barProgress.I try to write it, but it doesn't work. :roll: Anyone PRO man know how to write the code? help me please! :) Thanks! :D

PS:China mtasa server technology blockade,so i hope i can learn something form here. :D

   mainbar = guiCreateProgressBar(0.84, 0.92, 0.16, 0.04, true) 

My write:Server Side:

function chushihua (_,player) 
local pac = getPlayerAccount ( source ) 
local lhunger= getAccountData (pac, "player.hunger") 
local chushi = 0 
local chushijie = 100 
if not getAccountData (pac, "player.hunger") then 
setAccountData (pac, "gongneng.jiedu", chushijie) 
outputChatBox ( "Set successfully.", player ) 
triggerClientEvent ("loadhunger", getRootElement(), lhunger) 
outputChatBox ( "successfully", player ) 
triggerClientEvent ("loadhunger", getRootElement(), lhunger) 
outputServerLog ("send to client successfully.") 
addEventHandler( "onPlayerLogin", getRootElement(), chushihua ) 

function dqjie1 (player) 
if ( client ) then 
 local playeracc = getPlayerAccount ( client ) 
 setAccountData (playeracc, "player.hunger", tostring(dqjie)) 
addEvent ( "saveje", true ) 
addEventHandler ( "saveje", root, dqjie1 ) 

Client side :

function abcda () 
   mainbar = guiCreateProgressBar(0.84, 0.92, 0.16, 0.04, true) 
   hungerLabel1 = guiCreateLabel(0.96, 0.89, 0.04, 0.03, "hungerBar", true)   
addEvent ( "loadjied", true ) 
addEventHandler ("loadjied", getRootElement() ,abcda) 

addEventHandler ("onClientPlayerQuit",getRootElement(), 
function () 
  dqjie = guiProgressBarGetProgress (mainbar) 
  triggerServerEvent ( "saveje", getRootElement(), tostring(dqjie)) 

but it doesn't work = = Who can help me please :roll:

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