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Intel® HD Graphics 2500


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I want to buy this processor together with 4GB RAM and ASRock Board.

http://ark.intel.com/es/products/65690/ ... e-3_40-GHz

This processor has Intel® HD Graphics 2500, I wonder if this is enough to play MTA.

I play in DD servers 99% of the time spent in-game, and these servers are light - No car mods, etc..

Pretty basic stuff.

So I wonder if I can have good FPS with this processor and integrated video card.

Thank you,


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LGA1150 Socket is different from 1150 Socket?

I mean does the word 'LGA' affects? Because I've searched for some Boards and a lot of them don't include the LGA word.

For example these three (3)

- H81M-VG4

- Msi H81M-P33

- Msi H81M-E33

And yes I am going to go for a 4th Gen i3. I am aiming for the 4150. I will search the one you say, it's better. Need to check the price.

Thank you ixjf.

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  • MTA Team

The processor you have listed in the first post is based on an older cpu architecture (Ivy Bridge) and was made for an older socket (LGA1155, sometimes listed as Socket 1155). You will not see any new cpus being made for that socket anymore, although you might be able to get an aftermarket 3rd gen i7 cpu if you wish to upgrade in the future.

Additionally, this cpu is not compatible with the LGA1150 socket and vice-versa, the one below is not compatible with the LGA1155.

The cpu ixjf suggested is a newer one (based on Haswell architecture), and uses a newer socket - LGA1150, also known as Socket 1150.

Try to get the Haswell-based cpu as you might be able to upgrade your cpu to something better in the future (as in, the 5th gen Core cpu). It also offers much better performance for the integrated gpu which is what you are mainly aiming for.

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