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Applying shader to clothes

John Smith

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i have tried applying shader to clothes, tried everything

using textureName as CJ, using gTexture thing and applying it to clothes names etc and none of them worked

and yet later on i found that arran did this with shaders (at least video says so) 2 years ago



so does anyone know how can i replace any cloth with a shader?

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Many people don't seem to notice that when creating shader that will be applied to peds one needs to state an optional argument elementType = "ped". Allso when you apply that shader to ped texture - i guess you would also state the element this shader is applied to as well. There is an interesting example - done for vehicle lights - you should check it out.

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function replaceTXD() 
txd = engineLoadTXD("txdFile.txd") 
engineImportTXD( txd, 30152) --- afro hair id 
addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, replaceTXD) 

Hey blind man, open your eyes.

Do you even know what he is saying? No offence, but that is not at all A SHADER. He wants to apply a shader not a mod..

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