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Camera - degree of view - EDITION for GAMEPAD playing


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Hi guys, I need your help and please take me serious.

I need ANY idea that could help me with me with camera settings, I mean, to change the degree of view of the default GTA camera.

When its default and I dont move the mouse anyhow, it looks like that:


The problem is that view is way too flat. When I am playing with mouse, it is everything OK, I move the mouse and the camera goes however I want. THOUGH, the problem appears when I use gamepad. As I said, default is too flat, so I have to move camera up like this:


I generally solve it by pushing my right gauge (dedicated to camera) up. There wouldnt be anything wrong with it, but keeping it pushed up all the time is freaking annoying and also - when I forget to do it or suddenly release it, the camera goes down to default (1st screen) after 0,5 sec... every single time. Moreover - doing this shit is limitting my other camera movements. As I said, its absolutely annoying and I believe kinda unnecessary, I hate it that I have to keep the gauge up all the time, when it could also be set like this in default.

Please help me and tell me how to change the default degree of view of the camera so it will look like on the 2nd screen - lets say from the degree of 10 to 30 or more.

I am waiting for your reply

Cheers - SKC ViRuS

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Well there is no such 'degree of view'...

But You can accomplish it with the help of the Z axis.

You need to add this in your script:

 bool setCameraTarget( float targetX, float targetY, float targetZ )  

Set the coordinates of your camera and make the z axis a little more...

This will make the camera set to the above of the player


Regards, Rio.

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