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My problem is that all who reach the highest level of kill are yellow in scorebord.

just want only the top kill is yellow and not all, and if he loses the title of top kill the player's name ficase red again.

function CopKillerer() 
local var = 0 
local HighPlayer = false 
    for k,v in ipairs (getPlayersInTeam (getTeamFromName("Criminoso"))) do 
    local kills = getElementData(v,'kills') 
    if kills then 
    if kills > var then      
    var = kills 
    setPlayerNametagColor ( v, 221, 211, 45 ) 
           setElementData( v, "Occupation", "Criminal", true ) 
    HighPlayer = v 
    return HighPlayer 
setTimer ( CopKillerer, 1000, 0 ) 

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