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Searching for an experienced mapper for popular MTAZ Server


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Hey there guys, I'm searching for a mapper who actually knows what he's doing, who thinks of what he's placing, why he's placed it, and can help us to make something that actually makes sense...

We are interested in people who are able to convert, and create custom objects mainly, however just general mappers who can work with some custom objects we already have imported, can map in the style/atmosphere we are mapping in, and don't mind popping ingame every day or two to help out, are welcomed with open arms.

Lonewolf was the top MTA DayZ Server of 2013, and we are currently reviving it, the map we currently have made is pretty HQ, and we are looking to expand this more.

Please get in contact with me! It would be much appreciated.

We have some other projects planned after the MTA DayZ Servers, that will be Unique and EXTREMELY fun to map!

Skype: Snowflakeca

Or Forum PM me.

Or Reply here. :arrowdown:

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